Lots of Laughs Comedy Lounge

Lots Of Laughs Comedy Lounge is the premier comedy lounge in the Merrimack Valley bringing you the Best of Boston Comedy every weekend!

Upcoming Shows 2018 Lots of Laughs Comedy Lounge at China Blossom

We're having a great year of comedy in 2018 at Lots of Laughs Comedy Lounge at China Blossom. This is a list of some of the great entertainers we have lined up for you.

Tickets for shows can be purchased here.

Lots Of Laughs Comedy Lounge 2018 Schedule September through New Years

Headliners in Bold - Show Tickets $20  - Special Events Priced Separately

 Jan 6th Dave Russo & Dan Miller

Jan.12 Joey DeVito hypnotist

Jan 13 Lenny Clarke Caroline Plummer Jack Walsh

Jan 19 Amy Tee Jason Merrill Chris Zito

Jan 20 Dan Gil Mitch Stinson

Jan 27 Amy Tee Dave Decker

Feb 3 Paul D’Angelo Paul Keenan Jack Walsh

Feb 9 Joey DeVito hypnotist

Feb 10 Frank Santorelli Steve Scarfo Dan Gil

Feb 17 John Perrotta Johnny Rizzo Rocking Joe Hebert

Feb 23 Joey DeVito hypnotist

Feb 24 Steve Kradolfer Dan Miller Joey Carroll

March 3 Tony Vee Dan Crohn Steve Guilmette

March 9 Private Comedy Fundraiser

March 10 Artie Januario Caroline Plummer Ralph Joyal

March 16 Lenny Clarke Special Show

March 17 Paul Nardizzi Dan Gil

March 23 "Special Event " From Last Comic Standing & Showtime Jimmy Shubert.. Also Johnny Pizzi

March 24 Last Comic Standing & Showtime Jimmy Shubert With Amy Tee & Jack Walsh

March 30 Joey DeVito hypnotist

March 31 Paul D’ANGELO Mitch Stinson

April 6 Special Event: Don Gavin

April 7 Special Event: Lenny Clarke

April 13 Lenny Clarke Steve Scarfo Dan Crohn

April 14 Mark Riley Steve Scarfo Mike Bova

April 21 Johnny Rizzo Dan Miller Caroline Plummer

April 20 Joey DeVito hypnotist

April 28 Special Event Bobby Collins 2 Shows 7:00 & 9:15

May 5 Mark Riley Caroline Plummer Mitch Stinson

May 11 Friday & May 12 Saturday Lenny Clarke Christine Hurley Dan Gil

May 19 Mike McCarthy Graig Murphy